3 Surprising Plumbing Services You May Need

3 Surprising Plumbing Services You May Need

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3 Surprising Plumbing Services You May Need and That Can Save You Time, Trouble, and Cost

Your bluefrog Plumbing + Drain technician has an extensive range of strategies to deal with plumbing problems in your home or business. Gone are the days when the answer to many major plumbing problems was tearing through walls, basements, or yards to access piping and locate the blockage or leak. When you call bluefrog for help with a leak or a drain cleaning service to get your drains flowing again, you’ll be surprised at the ways that your plumber can approach the problem and use these strategies to save both time and cost. Here are three approaches that many plumbing customers haven’t encountered, but that they’ll be pleased to learn bluefrog can use for them should the need arise.

Most Building Owners Don’t Know All the Specifics About Their Plumbing

Your plumbing is discreetly hidden so, for the most part, you may have little idea where it goes or what it would take to access water pipes and drains if you needed to. As professionals, we understand how different types of buildings are designed, and where the pipes run. That knowledge makes us fast and efficient when we’re re-piping to replace lead pipe, for instance, or providing drain cleaning service to remove blockages affecting floors above. It also helps us predict where a drain might have more distant clogs in horizontal pipe due to bends or joints. Knowing about a building’s construction helps when we are dealing with pipes under your basement, which in some cases may actually be embedded in the concrete.

Leaks and Other High-Pressure Disasters

The first surprising service we offer is particularly useful when pipes run through concrete or walls that are carefully decorated. When a leak is suspected, the source is often not immediately obvious. The water may have traveled before it appeared, so the source may be in another area. In the past, plumbers would have to gain visual access in several locations to find and repair the pipe’s leak.

The Surprising Solution for Finding Leaks

Advanced sound processing equipment is used by plumbers, utility companies, and industrial plants to identify unseen leaks by the high-frequency sounds that they make, and to estimate their location. Used in combination with temperature scanning equipment for larger leaks, and small video cameras inserted in the water line, your plumber can focus repair work as close as possible to the actual leak. The result is a faster repair and easier cleanup.

Secrets to Effective Drain Cleaning Service Strategies

The plumber may also use technology to solve tougher clogs and flow problems. The solution is primarily a visual one, using miniature cameras to inspect the inside of the drain line. The technician can pinpoint the location of the clog, and also identify the cause. There are some amazing stories told about drain cleaning service successes, such as the casino that avoided sewer disaster when their plumber located not one but several toy figurines that had worked their way down the line to where they affected multiple drains.

It Depends on What’s Down There

The drain cleaning service technician can use video inspection to locate objects in the line and also to identify problems such as much smaller versions of the infamous London “fatberg,” a mass of cooking oil, sanitary products, and who knows what else that accumulated in the sewer until it weighed many tons and took days to remove. In your home, drains can gather material over the years and produce similar effects, and the strategies the drain cleaning service technician will use to remove a fat-based clog are quite different than for a plastic superhero. There’s also a wonderful story of a drain cleaning service worker noticing a sparkle down the drain, and extracting a wedding ring that had been lost by a newlywed family member in the bathroom a decade ago.

The Power of Water

The third amazing plumbing tool in use today is actually just water. Called hydro jetting, the water is sprayed into the pipe from a nozzle at pressures ranging from 1500 psi to 5000 psi. Remember, your car and bike tires are well under 100 psi in most cases. It’s definitely a professional task, as the pressure can affect corroded pipes and other sensitive areas of your piping. It’s a great way to pressure-wash accumulated gunk and clogs from your drain, and might be a good idea as part of your annual drain cleaning service.

Keeping the Pipes Clean

We’re glad to rush when your drains back up, but we do recommend preventive measures to help you avoid late-night drama from sink and toilet backups and other messy situations. Often, that final flush that seemed to cause the backup was actually just one in a long series of small clogs in your drain that added up to a big backup. Let us provide drain cleaning service to keep buildups from happening, especially in your kitchen and bathroom, removing grease, food, hair, and other accumulating material.

The Dreaded Sewer Line Failure

Video and hydro jetting are two tools that we can use to address sewer backup problems, and to provide periodic drain cleaning serviceto keep your main sewer line flowing freely. Video also helps us check the condition of your sewer pipe, and if repairs or replacement are needed, we can advise you.

Sewer Technology So Amazing, You’ll Want to Watch

If your sewer pipe has limited damage, it may not be necessary to dig it up. Relining sewer pipes is a popular and amazing alternative. We just gain access and expand a liner through the length of the pipe, or use video and a special machine to deliver patches where they’re needed. Not bad!

bluefrog Has the Skills and Technologies for Today’s Plumbing Issues

Count on bluefrog Plumbing + Drainto use the latest technologies and techniques to keep your pipes flowing right and give you peace of mind. Call us.

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