Drain Cleaning Myths Debunked – Get the Facts Instead

Drain Cleaning Myths Debunked – Get the Facts Instead

It seems like every homeowner, no matter how good their intentions, feels like they know all about plumbing and drain cleaning based off of online blogs. The information found on the majority of these blogs is generally false. It’s a marketing tool to sell the blog’s products. Most often, they don’t work. The reality of drain cleaning is that the best results stem from professional services. You need to hire a certified plumbing technician. You want someone coming to your home, with the right tools and training, to ensure your drains are free and clear of debris. Professional drain cleaning should never be passed up!

Drain Cleaning Myths

Before you snap on your rubber gloves for a little DIY drain cleaning, you should know that most home remedies fail. There are just too many myths floating around online today. Here are a few common drain cleaning myths debunked. You deserve the facts!

Chemical Drain Cleaners are Safe and Effective

It’s often said that chemical drain cleaners – purchased from any supermarket – are effective at dealing with drainage clogs. It’s quite the opposite, though. In reality, certain drain cleaning chemicals are harmful to your health and speed up the corrosion process in most plumbing pipes. These chemicals, despite what the bottle tells you, will literally eat your plumbing from the inside out. It’s a waste of money and far too dangerous (harmful fumes, skin rashes, etc.) to safely keep in your home.

DIY Drain Cleaning is an Easy Option

With something a simple as drain cleaning, it must be DIY plumbing, right? That’s actually incorrect. Your home’s plumbing system is an extremely complex network of pipes, fittings, and drains that work in tandem to keep your home functional and clean. As such, something as “simple” as a clogged drain is usually not so simple.

Furthermore, the improper use of tools or chemicals can do more harm than good to your drainage system. It’s typically best to let the experts occasionally clean your drains.

Slow Drainage Isn’t a Big Deal

If you think you can endure slow drainage without any consequences until a later date, you will be sorely disappointed. It is unfortunate, but a slow drain is typically indicative of a larger problem within the pipes. It starts with slow drainage. Eventually, the situation will worsen and you’ll be left with a burst pipe or backed up sewer line – both of which lead to immense water damage and contamination. Do not put off scheduling drain cleaning today. Tomorrow, the situation may be worse.

As you can see, there are countless drain cleaning myths being spread around online. Many of these myths are downright dangerous and will lead to costly plumbing repairs and perhaps even injuries. Do not risk your home or health.

For the best results, call your local bluefrog Plumbing + Drain for professional drain cleaning services.

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