Help! Tree Roots Are Killing My Sewage Line

Trees provide a beautiful piece to landscaping. They are great during the summer, when you can just sit under them for shade. However, while everything may seem pleasant on the surface, underground may be another story. Trees grow large, strong roots to help them stabilize in the earth. However, this can be a problem when your sewer line is near.

Because the sewage lines carry water that vaporize into the soil, the tree roots naturally gravitate towards the area. If your pipes have a crack or opening, the roots will begin growing through the crack and taking over. This can lead to blocked drainage, as the tree clogs the pipes and backs up your sewer line.

How to Detect and Fix Tree Root and Sewage Line Problems

The main indicator that tree roots may be tampering with your sewage line is if your drains are clogged or your water is moving slowly through the pipes. While we all get clogs from time to time, constantly dealing with the problem can mean something more serious.

If you suspect that your tree roots are a problem, you should try to locate where the pipe is being affected. In order to do so, you will need a blueprint of your house’s sewage lines. Usually, the local public works department can help access this information. Follow the pipes and see if there is a tree near the lines. This can help you determine whether tree roots are the problem.

If they are, you can use chemical tree root killers or place metal / wood barriers between the pipes and the root. In both cases, we recommend hiring a plumber to handle because of the dangerous elements involved. Once you have had the issue fixed, it is important to regularly check and maintain the site.

If tree roots are tampering with your sewage line, contact our experienced plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain. We provide quality service you can rely on!

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