Plumbing Equipment: Rent or Own?

Plumbing Equipment: Rent or Own?

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Unless you are licensed and trained to work on residential plumbing systems, we don’t recommend conducting repairs on your own. However, there are plumbing tools that you can acquire for minor jobs that don’t require an insured plumber. Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain for satisfaction guaranteed plumbing service without the added expense of procuring your own tools.

Plumbing Tools You Can Buy

It’s more cost-effective to buy tools that you can reuse for other projects or future issues with the plumbing.

Propane Torch

You can get a propane torch for under $60 and use it to sweat copper fittings and pipes. Self-igniting torches light up when you pull the trigger. They’re much more convenient than dealing with matches to get started.

Tongue-and-Groove Pliers

Use these tools to twist, grab, tighten or loosen objects. We recommend 10-inch and 12-inch sizes.


A decent hacksaw costs around $20 and cuts through hardware, screws, pipes, bolts, and nuts. Choose one with a tense frame for harder materials and purchase extra blades to keep on hand.

Metal File

A metal file costs around $10 or less. It’s something you might want to keep in your toolbox regardless of what job you tackle. For plumbing service, metal files remove burrs from the edges of metal pipes if you need to cut one. We recommend purchasing half-round and rat-tail files to use in DIY projects as needed.

Basin Wrench

For around $15, you can buy a basin wrench to adjust nuts used in sink faucets. A basin wrench has a long shaft that swivels. Use it to reach into narrow spaces. when it comes to deep entry points or tight spaces, this tool does the job. Prior to working on pipes and fixtures, ensure that you have the proper experience and training to complete home plumbing projects.

Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain if you feel uncomfortable with installing or repairing your plumbing system. We offer comprehensive plumbing services that cost less than buying your own tools.

Pipe Wrench

These large ranches give you a powerful grip to tighten or loosen pipes, nuts, and fittings. Buy one to grip one end of the pipe and one to turn the other end. Serrated teeth provide a firm grip but can damage the finish of faucets and fixtures. To avoid damaging fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen, call one of our experienced plumbing technicians.

Hand Auger

Also known as a snake, you can buy a hand-crank augur to clear your drain for around $30. Most models have 25 feet of steel cable that removes obstructions from showers, tubs, sinks and toilets. Use it with a plunger for an effective drain cleaning combination.

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench serves many purposes for home repairs. Plumbers use them to work on supply lines and plumbing parts with hex nuts. Choose a brand with a firm setting on the jaw they can stand up to pressure under torque. we recommend getting 6-inch and 10-inch adjustable wrenches.

Tubing Cutter

This tool resembles a C-clamp and provides a convenient way to cut a copper pipe. Plumbers often have standard-size and mini cutters, both of which run around $15 to $20. For best results, call for professional plumbing service to ensure your plumbing repairs and installations stand up to local codes and the test of time.


Every homeowner should have this indispensable tool that costs less than $10. You can save money by using a plunger to clear clogs in sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers. When you use a plunger, create a firm seal and pump slightly to pull out the clog materials. For particularly deep or tough clogs, you may require professional plumbing service.

Closet Auger

This tool varies greatly in price, so choose your brand wisely. It has a long steel cable that grinds through toilet clogs.

Home Plumbing Rentals

When you have a plumbing issue that requires immediate attention but don’t have the tools you need to fix it, renting plumbing equipment makes sense. Instead of buying and storing tools you only need for one job, you can rent the exact equipment needed and return it when you finish. However, we recommend calling bluefrog Plumbing + Drain for professional, no-hassles plumbing services.

Drain Cleaning Equipment

You can choose from a wide variety of tools, sizes, and types. Renting a sewer camera can help you determine the location of a clog. Take videos of problem areas for future reference and choose the right tools for the job.

For cracked, broken pipes, call a professional plumbing company to handle the problem as quickly as possible. Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain hires experienced, courteous professionals who perform efficient plumbing service in your home.

Plumbing Snakes

Renting a plumbing snake to clear tough clogs makes sense for infrequent problems with your drain and sewage pipes. You can choose the exact size you need to handle the job. Electric snakes range from small handheld tools to toilet augers that drill through messy toilet clogs.

Look for snakes with heavy-gauge cable and comfortable operating features. Remember that you will feel resistance as the snake works through the clog. When you withdraw the snake, do so at a low speed to avoid pulling a lot of debris from the drain.

Water Jetters

Also called hydro jetters, these tools do an amazing job clearing sewer lines and drains. If you are familiar with operating them, it’s best to call for professional plumbing service from an experienced bluefrog Plumbing + Drain technician. Using a powerful stream of high-pressure water, water jetters for rent push on clogged debris to free up your pipe or drain. They can also help you clear out the entire drain line to avoid future clogs.

Whether you decide to buy or rent equipment, it’s important to have a backup plan. Make sure you know where the main shut-off valve is for your water line and keep our contact information handy in case you opt to go with a reliable plumbing service company.

Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain for plumbing service for repairs, installations and diagnoses of plumbing issues in your home.

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