Spring Cleaning: How to Survey Your Home for Leaks and Keep Your Home Mess-Free

Spring Cleaning: How to Survey Your Home for Leaks and Keep Your Home Mess-Free

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When spring comes, so does the rain and potential flooding. This is also a common time for homeowners to need to call for plumbing leak repair service. The influx of rain can tax your plumbing system. More so, you may find that you are spending more time outdoors, requiring a few more showers than normal. All of this leads to the increase of leaks throughout the interior and exterior of your home’s plumbing system.

What can you do to minimize this risk? It’s a good idea to spend a few extra minutes on a comprehensive spring-cleaning process. Whether you are cleaning out the basement or the shrubs, look for signs of problems with your plumbing system. And, when you find them, call our team for help with plumbing leak repair service. Here are a few things to look for to spot those problem areas.

Take a Look at Ceilings and Floors

One of the best ways to notice any types of leaks inside your home is to go on an inspection for them. That is, as you are cleaning up for spring, take a few extra minutes to look for signs of water damage. This can include things like drywall, flooring, or ceiling tiles that have brown spots on them. You may also notice dark colors, which can indicate mold is present. This often indicates the presence of a few water leaks.

If you notice water discoloration like this, don’t wait to get help. Allow a team to provide plumbing leak repair service right away. Not doing so can lead to much more significant problems.

Notice Musty Smells

Sometimes, water leaks happen where you cannot see them. This may include behind the drywall or in the ceiling. If they are not dripping onto surfaces, it is hard to know they are there until you smell them. Because water leaks often lead to mold, it can create a musty smell to it. This can be a key sign of leaks, even if you do not notice them visually.

This often happens behind walls around bathrooms and sinks. Also, look at areas by toilets and drains. Open closets to look at what’s inside. Any type of mildew-like smell is generally a reason to call for plumbing leak repair service or at least to have your plumber take a closer look.

Explore the Outside of the Home

When the spring months hit, there tends to be a lot of change to the outdoor landscaping. If you’ve had significant rain or snow in the area, this can change the grading of the property, allowing water to build up next to the foundation of the home. This can create leaks in the home if the water gets through.

You may also notice areas where there are divots or drops in the levelness of the soil. If there are drain lines running underneath this, it could indicate a problem with the drains themselves. For example, if the sewer line collapses, the soil will drop down, often leading to backups in the home. This often requires more expensive repairs.

Listen to the Water Draining

Spring is a great time to step outdoors and listen to the way water is moving around your home. After a rain, for example, listen to the way water is flowing away from the home. Is it coming out of the gutters improperly and hitting the siding of your home? Is it pooling in the middle of the yard? If so, this could indicate leaks present in the sewer lines and drainage. More commonly, it can indicate that you need to make some changes to ensure water is moving away from the home properly. Look and listen for the water after rain to see these changes.

Know Where to Find Hidden Water Leaks

If you are unsure if there are any concerns with water leaks around your home, you have a few more things to do. First, consider having a plumbing leak repair service come out and provide an inspection. Springtime inspections are a good investment in your home. Next, consider a few other areas where there are typically hidden water leaks and how to find them.

  • Listen to the water running through your home. You may hear a few drips in the lines behind the walls. Doing this at night can help you.
  • If you are unsure where water is leaking from an upstairs area onto the ceiling below it, add a few drops of food coloring to a drain. Then, watch where it shows up.
  • Always monitor your home’s water usage. Your water meter can give you insight into if there is a hidden leak. With all of the water off, see if the meter is running.
  • Spring is a good time to start looking at and comparing your water usage for the last year. Has it gone up significantly? If you haven’t made a lot of changes in your home, this could be a key indication that water leaks are present.
  • Don’t forget the appliances that use water. Your washing machine, refrigerator, and dishwasher can be hidden causes of leaks. Have them inspected to make sure they are in good working order, too.

With spring cleaning, you have the perfect opportunity to find potential water leaks. If you notice anything happening, do not wait to get service. Instead, call on a local plumber who can come to your home and provide a comprehensive leak inspection. They can then make the necessary repairs if they find anything, so you do not have to keep worrying.

Are You Worried About Leaks? Let Our Team Help You

Plumbing leak repair is one of the key services our team offers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain. If you expect to find leaks, let our professionals provide you with the guidance and support you need to fix them. Our professionals are available right away to answer your questions. Don’t put off calling our team for plumbing leak repair service.

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