Tips To Clean Out Your Gutters

Tips To Clean Out Your Gutters

Halloween season is finally upon us, and that means it becomes increasingly acceptable to wear a scarf with each passing day. While our fashion may be getting cozier as the cooler months bear down on us, we need to prepare for the inevitable downfall – of the foliage, that is.

Autumn leaves are some of the most beautiful sights to behold while they’re all nicely hanging on to their branches, but you need to be ready to spring into action the moment they start to flutter down to the ground. If you aren’t careful, they can quickly clog your gutters and leave your home vulnerable to water problems during the next storm. Luckily, it shouldn’t take too long to make sure your gutters can handle anything Mother Nature throws at them.

  • Dress Appropriately: Digging around in your gutters can be a dirty job, so make sure to put on a long sleeved shirt and sturdy rubber gloves.
  • Invest In a Quality Ladder: If you already have a solid ladder waiting for you in your garage, then half of your work is already done. Otherwise, head down to your local hardware store and pick one up that’s both tall enough to reach your gutters and sturdy enough to hold you without giving you a heart attack. It’s always best to use the buddy system here, and have a second person hold on to the base to keep it sturdy.
  • Bring a Small Scoop or Shovel: Your local hardware store may sell a specialized gutter scoop, but even a small sand shovel will do in a pinch.
  • Prepare a Dumping Ground: Lay out a plastic tarp underneath where you’re cleaning so you don’t just dump the leaves and gunk directly on your lawn – that could come back to cause more problems in the future, especially if it finds its way into your outdoor drains.
  • Flush It Out: Once you’ve scooped out everything you can, take a garden hose and flush out your gutter. Not only will this clear out any small remaining bits, it will also let you know if you have any blockages or leaks that need to be fixed.

Keeping your gutters clean can go a long way towards making sure that your home doesn’t flood during a storm, which should keep all of your plumbing fixtures on your lower levels safe from unnecessary damage. Your gutters may not be the only thing in need of attention this fall, which is why you should call up your nearest bluefrog Plumbing + Drain location to set up your free home consultation. The sooner you tackle a potential problem, the cheaper and easier it will be to handle.

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