What to Know When Working with a Contractor

What to Know When Working with a Contractor

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Choosing the right contractor can make or break your home improvement project. Good reviews and referrals from family and friends can save you from packing a costly mistake, but if you’re planning a whole-home renovation, building a new house, or simply upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, there are a few things to consider when determining which plumbing company or general contractor to hire.

Do you need to know what to know when working with a contractor? At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we’ve got answers! Plus, we know how to make things right when it comes to employing the right plumbing company.

Know What You Want

And know your budget. Start with your budget and work backward when working with a contractor. Determine which things you want for remodel and which are the most important – do you need to convert a shower/tub combo into a stall shower and garden tub? Your plumbing company can help you with that, but you’ll have to have a rough idea of which aspect of your remodel is most important.

Maybe you’re turning that dull half bath into a jewel of a powder room. A professional plumber can help with that, one with contractor services that can include adding a small window or new light fixtures. Choose wisely when you’re determining your finishes, fixtures, floors, and wall coverings for your remodel.

Get Several Bids

And look for outliers. Most contractors have the same overhead costs, such as labor and materials, and many of your bids should fall fairly close together. However, if you have an exceptionally high bid, you may have one of the best general contractors in your area. However, if you have a bid that’s much lower than the rest you’ve collected, then you may wish to consider why the contractor or plumbing company is bidding so low.

Low bids may indicate that the company uses sub-par materials or that they’ may even cut corners. However, a lower bd may also indicate that the company is new, and while their prices may be low in order to establish themselves, their skills may be on par with the veteran contractors in your area.

Getting multiple bids can also help you determine your actual budget and what you can cut, where to splurge, or how to better manage your renovation budget.

Check Your Final Few

Even if your contractor was recommended by your favorite aunt, your mother, and your best friend, it’s always best to do a background check. Check each contractor’s license and make sure that they’re up to date. You can also run a safety check and even a background check to ensure that your home and money is protected.

While relying only on reviews may be irresponsible for booking a contractor or plumbing company, checking the reviews about their work ethic.

Ask for Examples of Their Work History

Your vision for your renovation or remodel or even your new home build – are built around your dream. Asking a contractor for examples of their past work can help you determine if their style matches your persona aesthetic. Plumbing companies often have galleries of their best projects online, and this can help you decide which bid to accept.

Always ask for references that allow you to use, either for a tour or through photographs, the work that your chosen contractor has done. Some plumbing companies will also provide references that you can talk to. Always be wary of a contractor that doesn’t provide a reference list, photos of past projects, or at minimum a gallery of their best work.

Free Estimates Aren’t Always Free

Yeah, remember contractors that promise a free estimate? The most reputable contractors and plumbing company will come to your house, take into account what you wish complete, and give you an estimate about the cost of labor and materials. Depending on how extensive your project is, a contractor may need several hours to look over the house, ad act charges you an inspection charge.

A reputable plumbing company or general contractor will give you a general estimate of what you can expect to pay – but it’s not a set in the stone invoice. However, if you’re being charged for hours of inspections and estimates for “free” quote, opt elsewhere.

When you’re getting a quote, there’s a difference between a free quote and a “scope of work proposal.” The latter includes real professional time to prepare an invoice for our remodel, and whether it’s a plumbing company or general contractor, you should expect to pay for their thoughtful appraisal of your home and what will be needed to achieve your pretty new bathroom, kitchen, or addition.

Set Rules for Your Home

At the end of the day, your contractor or plumbing campy works for you. While the crew is there on a job site it’s still your house and home, and you’ll need to determine certain rules for the workforce making the changes to your house.

Things like whether or not you’ll allow the crew to smoke on your property, or where they’ll take bathroom breaks are important if you have a renovation that takes multiple days. Even things like whether the contractor or plumbing company employees can use your outlets for their phones or access your Wi-Fi need to be established beforehand.

What are you comfortable with? More importantly, what will the contractor allow his team to do? These are the small parts of negotiating a contract or contract that many people forget about, but that impact the renovation experience. Every part of the remodel experience should be part of your negotiation.

Let’s Get Started!

Choosing bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is always a good pick whether it’s a simple sink installation or a full-blown bathroom remodel. In fact, as a plumbing company, we have a demonstrated track record of showing up on time, working on-budget, and leaving your home more beautiful than when we arrived. Ready to get started on making your house a dream home? Give us a call or visit us online for a real, FREE, no-obligation quote!

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