3 Easy Tips to Make Your Refrigerator Last Longer

3 Easy Tips to Make Your Refrigerator Last Longer

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A refrigerator is an expensive appliance that is vital to your household. When it doesn’t work correctly, it ends up costing you a lot of money in repairs and spoiled food. If avoiding issues with your appliance is something that you’d prefer happens, trust your local plumbing service to provide you with helpful advice on ways to increase your kitchen appliance’s lifespan.

Protect Your Investment by Doing the Following to Extend Its Lifespan

To help you better understand the things that go wrong with fridges most often, we’ve created this guide as a resource for you to refer to today. Keeping the manufacturer’s owner’s manual in a place that is accessible is something we also recommend. That way, if your appliance is under warranty, you’ll know what’s covered by the guarantee. You’ll be able to review the terms and conditions of your agreement with the maker of the refrigerator without delay. Knowing how to treat your investment ensures that you get the full recommended use out of it instead of needing to replace it early.

The following three easy tips make your refrigerator last longer:

  1. Keep it clean. A fridge can get dirty fast, especially if items drip or spoil without you noticing them. The best way to keep your appliance working long-term is to make it habitual to clean the fridge regularly. Dumping the drip pan every two weeks is something that we recommend. Standing water can cause electrical problems that pose a threat to you and your household. The better you take care of the things you own by having them serviced routinely by a plumbing service pro and keeping them clean, the less likely you will replace them early. Naturally deodorizing and disinfecting the interior of the fridge is easy and inexpensive. You need a box of baking soda that absorbs foul odors. You can also set a bowl of water with a few citrus fruit pieces squeezed into it in the appliance to improve its odor.
  2. Maintain the right balance of items inside the fridge. An appliance that is too full or not full enough is a problem. Determining the right number of items to keep inside of the refrigerator takes practice. You may learn that the fridge keeps its temperature better when it has fewer items inside it than you currently have in it. Working to reduce food waste is an excellent way to ensure that you don’t have too much in your fridge at once. Using all the leftovers that you have and investing in a deep freezer can make your refrigerator last the entire duration of its projected lifespan. You can also reduce the amount of clean-up you need to do regularly by making sure to cover all food with lids or plastic wrap. If something were to tip, it wouldn’t spill its contents all over the fridge’s shelves and drawers.
  3. Find somewhere else to store things instead of on the top of the appliance. The fridge needs a chance to expel hot air. If you have too many items blocking its cooling vents, you’ll notice that it isn’t working efficiently. Placing food and storage items on countertops and in cabinets is a better option. Leave the fridge free to do its job of keeping your food from spoiling. You won’t be disappointed by needing to replace the item long before it was supposed to wear out. Instead, you’ll have a functional appliance that continues to work efficiently because it isn’t trying to cool the area where trapped hot air exists continuously. Keeping items off the top of the fridge also prevents them from denting and dinging the appliance’s exterior.

Now that you know what it takes to keep your refrigerator working long-term, you can start practicing what you learned and keep plumbing service experts out of your home. You’ll be able to avoid potential disasters by being mindful about checking your fridge often for problems. You know what to look for in terms of leaks, weird sounds, and issues with the appliance’s internal temperature. Contacting a plumbing service provider whenever these things occur is the best way to get the help that you need to keep your fridge from quitting prematurely.

Problems with a fridge can be addressed by a plumbing service professional in record time. The plumbing service provider gets to the root of the issue to see if there is a problem with the appliance’s drainage system. If there is standing water seeping out of the drip pan, it can be due to an issue with a drain hose or the drain itself. If not addressed immediately, it can cause damage to the appliance as well as the flooring you placed it on.

Make it a point to keep your fridge clean inside and out. Adding the task to your weekly cleaning schedule is an easy way not to forget to tackle the appliance. Be mindful of the number of groceries you keep inside the refrigerator at all times. Finally, don’t place anything on top of the fridge because you could block its cooling vents and cause the motor to short out. Investing in plumbing service regularly ensures that the drains and drainage hoses are working well.

Take the Steps Necessary Today to Protect Your Appliance from Damage

Want to work with the best plumbing service in the area? Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain with your service request today. Getting your refrigerator set up in a way where it doesn’t leak helps increase the appliance’s longevity. Trust us to do right by providing you with outstanding customer service with every visit we make to your home. Have your fridge regularly serviced as a form of preventative maintenance that protects your investment from damage.

You may not think of your refrigerator as being a plumbing problem. A blocked drain can cause it and requires plumbing service right away. Rather than find out the hard way that your defrosting freezer has flooded the kitchen floor, make it a point to have your fridge looked at by us regularly. Our plumbing service provider does everything they can to keep your appliance working optimally year-round. You won’t be stuck replacing the fridge because the motor shorted out and stopped working.

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