What to Look for When Buying a New Faucet

What to Look for When Buying a New Faucet

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What to Look for in a New Faucet: Reliability Is Common, Features Are the Focus

What’s on your list when you are shopping for a faucet? For many people, it’s mostly about appearance. From a plumber‘s point of view, there’s a lot more than just beauty that will make it the right choice for the job. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we want you to enjoy how your new fixtures look, perform, and last. We want to make sure that the faucet’s installation is solid and secure as well. Here are some tips on selecting a new faucet for your home, whether it’s for the master bedroom, kitchen, kids’ or guests’ bathroom, or the utility sink downstairs. We are experts on plumbing jobs that are well done.

Finish and Styling

There are lots of ways to deliver water to your sink based on your aesthetics and practical needs. For example, is a straight neck projecting out and flowing into the sink good enough for the job? Not if you’re trying to fill containers, where a gooseneck not only looks elegant, but makes it easy to access the water stream. Water falling from a height tends to splash, though, so the sink should have higher sides to contain that. What about moving faucet heads? Does the one you’ve selected actually cover the area of the sink that you need it to? And on the aesthetic side, does your faucet match your sink and room styling, with similar finish, proportional style, and matching geometry?


A sprayer can make life easier in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. Your plumber can install a separate valve and sprayer in your kitchen sink given the appropriate holes. Anywhere you install a faucet, though, you can choose one where the head assembly is removable. This provides a convenient spray nozzle, often with controls. Other features you might consider include different types of valve controls including dual, joystick-style, and even touchless sensors for better hygiene in the bathroom. Some clients are having their plumber install kitchen faucets that match their smart home lifestyle, with voice-activated controls that let them shut off the water in the sink while they’re taking the roast out of the oven.

Disability/Senior Considerations

If your home has folks who can benefit from ease of access or use such as children, seniors, and disabled people, it’s a good idea to choose faucets with them in mind. This could mean making sure the faucet head is raised so they don’t have to reach into the sink to wash, or selecting the removable spray head, especially if they have someone helping them wash. Touchless and ceramic valves make faucet operation easy for everyone.

Fit to Existing Sink

Your plumber can, of course, make just about anything work if needed, including faucets that are quite different from the ones that you’re replacing. Ideally, though, your new faucet fits your existing sink, with the same configuration of mounting holes. A plate covers any extra holes in your sink when the new faucet is installed but making more holes in the sink or counter is a poor solution for many reasons. Your plumber will tell you: when you’re talking major modifications like that, you might want to consider a matched set of sink and faucet that will be simpler to install and more durable over time.

Replacing Sink and Faucet Together

Even if you’re not remodeling, having your plumber replace the faucet and sink together can make a whole lot of sense. Not only do you ensure that you’ve got a good fit between the two, but you also don’t wind up under the sink trying to wrestle existing plumbing in a tight space. If repairs are needed some day, you’ve got a clean installation and modern plumbing. Your plumber may suggest using new water supply lines that are easier to work with, making the whole project simpler. You also have the option to choose a new drain configuration. In the kitchen, for example, some homeowners are choosing commercial-style three-basin sinks for easier organization and use.


Reliability of the valve is one reason that a top brand faucet is a good choice for longevity, but it’s not the only one. Modern faucets have some amazing materials and finishes that stand up to years of use and abuse, making them great for busy households. Most new faucets won’t give you much valve trouble, but what about corrosion and wear? Will the appearance fail you long before the function? It’s not difficult to select a durable faucet that fits your budget these days, one with a finish that stands the test of time. Since many faucets include the easier-to-operate ceramic disc valve, you don’t have to work the handle as hard anyway, further reducing wear.

Ceramic Discs

If it’s been a while since you looked at new faucets, you may not be aware of ceramic disc valves. You might also associate them with high-end faucets which may or may not be in your budget. These durable valves are now common in faucets of all kinds and are worth considering when you’re choosing a new unit. Your plumbers will tell you; ceramic valves don’t give them much to do because ceramic doesn’t use lots of force, different from rubber washers that eventually need replacing. You get the double benefit of less maintenance over time and also fewer leaks, which can actually save a lot of water in the average household. Rubber washer valves can leak from aging seals and people who don’t, or can’t, apply the force needed to close them.

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