5 Signs Your Plumbing Might Need a Tune Up

5 Signs Your Plumbing Might Need a Tune Up

When your pipes need repairs, it feels like the problem comes out of nowhere. It feels like the issue steadily creeps up on you, emerging unexpectedly, when you’re least prepared to deal with it. However, if you pay attention, your plumbing might give you indicators that it is time for a tune up. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we want you to be prepared for any plumbing problems life throws your way. That is why we list some common signs to look out for.

Low Water Pressure

Did you turn on your tap or shower and notice the water trickling down, rather than a steady stream? This means your water pressure is low and can indicate clogs or damaged pipes. It is important to check the plumbing to make sure everything is working the way it should be.

Knocking Pipes

Do you hear rattling in the middle of the night? Do the pipes clatter, either keeping you up or disturbing you when you’re trying to watch your favorite show? Knocking pipes can signal loose support straps or loose valves in the pipe system. If left untreated, your pipes can leak or bend.

Slow Drains

When you wash your dishes or hands, does the water seem slow to drain? This is not normal and can mean your pipes are clogged. If left undetected, clogs can cause pipes to back up and spring leaks.

Strange Water Color

Water is usually clear, unless the kids put dye in it. However, when you turn on your pipe and the water is a dingy yellow or murky green, something is wrong. If the water is cloudy, it can mean air in the pipes. Red and yellowish water can mean there is rust. And green or bluish water means there is copper corrosion in the pipes. To protect your family, it is important to have these issues fixed.

Water Won’t Stay Hot

No one enjoys stepping into a hot shower all to have the water turn cold. Similarly, washing dishes in winter with cold water is a pain. If you notice that your water won’t stay hot for longer than a moment, your water heater might have issues. Check to see if the pilot light is on.

If you notice any of these signs, it might be time for a plumbing checkup. Our bluefrog plumbers are qualified and ready to help your home! Call us today.

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