Call a Plumber or Do it Yourself?

Call a Plumber or Do it Yourself?


Dealing with plumbing issues around the house can be stressful, especially
if you aren’t experienced with that type of work. Even for a complete
novice, some plumbing issues can easily be taken care of without the assistance
of a professional. Even in cases where you can’t determine the exact
cause of the problem, you may be able to deal with the issues currently
causing problems yourself.

Easy DIY Fixes

  • My Toilet Won’t Stop Running: We covered this topic in
    last week’s blog, so you can check that out for a more detailed list of instructions for
    how to fix this issue. The vast majority of toilet problems can be fixed
    with a look inside the tank on the back of your toilet and a quick trip
    to the hardware store. The majority of components that allow your toilet
    to work properly are relatively inexpensive, so you won’t even need
    to worry about breaking the bank.
  • My Water Pressure is Too High/Low: We’ve covered both of these topics in our blog; here’s the post for
    high water pressure, and here’s the post for
    low water pressure. Some of the issues causing the change in pressure may require the help
    of a professional, but at the very least identifying the source of the
    problem will make a potential visit from a professional easier for everyone.
  • My Drains Are Clogged: A clogged drain can often be fixed with a quick squirt of Drano, a product
    every homeowner should have in their cupboard of cleaning supplies. Even
    when it fails to fulfil its purpose, we put together a
    list of ways to take care of a clogged drain a few months ago on our blog. Some of the techniques may require a trip
    to your local hardware store if you don’t own the necessary tools
    already, and if all else fails, professionals are only a phone call away.
  • My Drains Smell Moldy: Not all plumbing issues impact the performance of your fixtures. Some
    problems are just downright unpleasant to deal with, like a moldy drain.
    Moldy drains can crop up anywhere, from your kitchen to your bathroom,
    and if you’re unlucky the odor can spread throughout your whole
    home. We touched on an easy way to
    deal with moldy drains a few months ago, so take a look if you’re facing this issue at home.

When it’s Time to Call in the Pros

  • My Pipes Are Frozen: Frozen pipes are a tricky problem to tackle by yourself. Attempting to
    thaw them out by yourself could result in unnecessary additional damage,
    so you’re going to want to call professional plumbers in to fix them.
  • I Need To Replace A Part: Unless it’s something simple like one of the parts we listed in
    our toilet repair section, a shower head, or a faucet, your best bet is
    to call in a professional. In many cases, replacing the part will require
    tools you may not have or want to purchase, as well as a deeper understanding
    of your plumbing system.
  • My Sump Pump Needs Repair: Not all houses have a sump pump, but for those that do, you may know how
    important they are to keeping your basement dry. Like any piece of machinery,
    they may begin to break down over time, and when that happens, you’ll
    want to call in a professional to fix or replace it.
  • My Water Heater Needs Repair: Whether you’re looking to do routine maintenance, repair, or even
    replace your hot water heater, calling in a professional is your best
    option. With such an important plumbing fixture, you don’t want
    anyone other than the best to handle and fix any issues that may arise.

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