Gas and Water Lines Are Our Specialty and They Often Work Together

Gas and Water Lines Are Our Specialty and They Often Work Together

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Burning gas creates heat, and water puts that heat to work cooking, washing, and heating your home. They are natural partners, and both are carried in pipes throughout your home or business. You’ll be much happier making just one call tot us for plumbing service repairs such as water heaters and home heating equipment which may involve both water lines and gas lines.

Keeping an Eye on the Whole Plumbing Picture

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we’re trained, experienced, and licensed to service and install both water and gas lines. It won’t take a committee to do the job that one expert can do. We’ll make it simpler for the city inspector to approve the job dealing with a single company. It also means that when the job is done, you’ll have only one company to thank — and we’ll know that we did it right from end to end.

Combined Water and Gas Appliance Repairs in One Visit

Diagnosis and repair of dual-service appliances, using both water and gas connections, involves combined expertise. If your appliance problems are related to their gas or water and drain connections, one call brings our plumbing experts to inspect and correct any problems and ensure proper operation.

New Appliance Connections — Combining Services for Quick Appliance Installation

In a home with access to natural gas service, many of the appliances will need access to both gas for heating and drying, and water to perform tasks such as washing. When you purchase a modern washer/dryer pair, it only takes one visit from a licensed plumbing service to make any modifications or additions to your supply lines and drains and connect your appliances for operation.

Pipe Runs for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen plumbing can get complicated when both water and gas lines, plus drains, are run to your sinks and appliances. They are likely present throughout the room, depending on the type of appliances you are using. When you install new equipment or remodel the whole kitchen, both sets of pipes will need updating and inspection.

Your stove, oven, and any auxiliary water heater may all have gas lines, while water lines are present for your sink, dishwasher, refrigerator ice maker, and other utility sinks such as a bar sink. Our plumbing service can pull together your remodeling with fast efficient installation of water and gas lines where you need them.

Installing and Moving Laundry Appliances

In your laundry, your washer and dryer frequently require a pair of water and gas connections, water for washing and gas for dryer heat. Your main water heater, where water and gas lines meet, is also likely to be nearby. Count on our licensed water and gas plumbing service to keep this focal point of your home in full operation. All of these appliances not only provide non-stop service to busy households, but they often run unattended and lines should be inspected and maintained regularly.

Repairing and Replacing Water Heaters and Their Supply Lines

Tank-based gas water heaters require dual plumbing service skills to handle the gas line and water lines. Tankless water heaters also may employ this efficient combination. Plumbing service to these devices requires expertise in both gas and water lines. If your water heater is leaking, call us. If it’s not heating, it’s the same number. If it’s time for a new water heater to be installed, we make it easy to get the job done without dual licensed expertise.

Upgrading and Servicing Heating Systems

Your home heating or HVAC system may include a gas-fired furnace and, if it uses ducts to transfer warm air throughout the house, there is likely to be a humidifier plumbed in to provide moisture to the air during dry winter months. Even more critical, many homes use water or steam to transfer heat to the rooms of the home, which requires specialized plumbing service expertise to handle the heating pipes and related circulator pump equipment. Life gets much simpler when you have one number to call and get your heating-related plumbing done.

Water and Gas Line Leak Detection

If you’ve got a water leak, our plumbing service has the latest equipment to locate it quickly and make the cleanest repairs. If you smell gas, though, follow proper gas company procedures first, then give us a call when you’re safe to get the leak repaired. We’ll make sure that the leak is repaired quickly and professionally, and we’ll be glad to inspect your water and gas lines for any issues even before trouble arises.

Gas and Water Line Inspection

As expert, licensed plumbers we not only install and repair gas and water lines, but our plumbing service inspects existing lines for damage, wear, outdated materials and configurations, and other issues that you might not be aware of. We’ll gladly get moving and take care of your problems 24/7, but why not have us inspect for problems on both systems before there’s trouble?

Complete Gas and Water Pipe Upgrades and Remodeling Work

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, or you want to upgrade old-school plumbing in your new home, we’re the plumbing service to call. We’ll consult on your plans, help you to design the most effective and economical installation, and do the work with our traditional top-quality results.

We’re Ready 24/7 to Make Repairs or Plan Your Remodeling and Installations

Water and gas plumbing go together in so many essential parts of your home. That’s why we’re licensed to take care of both with the latest materials and techniques. Count on bluefrog Plumbing + Drain to provide comprehensive service for your emergencies and dream remodeling projects.

Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain and Relax

With one number to take care of most everything piped into and out of your home, you can relax. Call us with your plumbing problems, your questions, and your plans for the future and let us help you enjoy your home. Our number is easy: 844-HOP-TO-IT.

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