How Do I Fix A Noisy Washing Machine?

How Do I Fix A Noisy Washing Machine?

We all love our washing machines. They helped us move from scrubbing our clothes in the river to loading up a box with dirty clothes, waiting for about 30 minutes to an hour, and then swapping them over to the dryer. Quick, easy, convenient. As amazing as our washing machines may be, they aren’t exactly perfect. They still have a lot of moving parts, and if any of those parts are damaged it can cause a whole lot of trouble. While a noisy washer doesn’t always mean that catastrophic failure is imminent, it can be incredibly annoying. We’ve put together a list of some of the more common problems you may face, and how to handle them.

  • Pump and / or Pump Motor: Your whether you washing machine’s drain pump is run by a motor or a belt, it’s supposed to pump water from the wash tub during and before the spin cycle. There’s a very good chance that mysterious noises made during or after the spin cycle are indications that your drain pump has become defective or is restricted in some way. If you feel comfortable opening up your machine, you can remove the front panel to get a better look at the pump as it runs. Once you confirm that the noises are coming from there, disconnect the power to the machine and remove the pump’s inlet hose. Check the impeller for any foreign objects or wear and tear. Removing the debris may be enough to solve the issue, but you may need to replace the part entirely.
  • Drive Belt: Depending on whether your washing machine is top or front loaded, the drive belt will either connect the motor to the transmission or the motor to the wash basket. In order to check if the noise is caused by your drive belt, you’re going to want to remove it and run your machine to see if the problem is fixed. If the noise is gone with the belt removed, it means that it’s become worn down and needs to be replaced.
  • Drive Motor: In a top load washing machine, the drive motor is responsible for operating the pump, transmission, and spinning the wash basket. In a front load washer, it’s responsible for operating the belt that runs the wash basket pulley. The easiest way to tell that there’s an issue with the motor is if you can detect a slight burning smell, especially if it is accompanied by a buzzing or humming sound. Before you purchase a replacement part, check for any loose wires and any signs of arcing or corrosion. If you decide to make the repairs yourself, make sure to turn off the power to your washing machine and be careful of electrocution.
  • Tub Bearing: Both types of washing machines use tub bearings to allow the inner tub or wash basket to freely rotate. While they’re protected from the water by a tub seal, constant use and detergents may cause the seal to eventually break down and expose the bearings which can cause them to fail. Once they fail, your washing machine will typically make a loud roaring or rumbling sound, and you may notice water leaking around where the seal is supposed to be. To fix a broken tub bearing, you’ll need to remove the wash basket or inner tub, and if you have a top lading washer you may need to also remove the transmission. Tub bearings in a front load washer are located at the rear of the outer tub, and top lad washers’ tub bearings are located where the inner tub attaches to the shaft and at the bottom of the transmission. Make sure to replace the tub seal at the same time you replace the tub bearings.

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