Looking to Remodel Your Kitchen or Bathroom? Here Are 5 Tips You Need to Know!

Looking to Remodel Your Kitchen or Bathroom? Here Are 5 Tips You Need to Know!

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Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen is one of the best ways to make your home more livable. It also adds value to the home – and it can be a fantastic way to get your home ready to sell. Yet, these are big jobs. Beyond picking out new countertops and cabinets, you also have to consider the plumbing. If you are working with a plumbing company, you’ll have more freedom to remodel with ease, changing up the layout significantly or just modernizing features. If you are planning to remodel, consider these plumbing factors before you get started.

#1: Layout Changes Are a Big Deal

Some of the best kitchen and bathroom upgrades come from comprehensively rearranging these spaces to make them a better functional layout for your family. However, when you’re thinking about moving things like the toilet and the sink, you’ll have to plan for making moves to plumbing lines. This includes water lines as well as drains. This is possible, but it’s best to do this with the guidance of your plumbing company.

Layout changes need to be planned for well in advance before starting any work. The good news is your plumber can help you with both, problem solving and ideas. There are plenty of ways to turn a smaller bathroom into a more functional and comfortable space, for example, with the ideas a plumber can offer. You can do things like adding an island to the center of your kitchen with a sink if you would like to if you work with your plumber to make it happen.

#2: Gas Lines Are a Factor

Did you know your plumbing company can also help you with gas lines? This tends to be a big part of remodeling kitchens. If there is not a gas line present for your stove or oven, it is important to make a change. You may want to move these from one area to the next. This is not something you can do on your own, though. To avoid that complication, turn to a plumber who can offer solutions.

Gas lines need to be done properly but also safely. Before you upgrade to that gas stove or oven, then call your plumber for guidance on what you’ll need to do. If you are adding a washer and dryer to your bathroom, and plan to use a gas dryer, you’ll also want to talk to your plumber about this process, too.

#3: Meeting Building Codes

You may have some great ideas for updating your kitchen and bathroom. Many times, it is possible to make them happen. However, you also need to consider any local building codes that apply. Your plumbing company can help you to navigate these requirements as well. Building codes may be simple things, but other times they can get in the way. For example, there may be space requirements between lines or specific designs for plumbing in the walls.

Your plumbing company can answer questions for you about these concerns. Since most of the time you’ll need a permit to do this type of work, you’ll want to ensure it is planned out in advance with the help of your plumber. They can then answer any questions inspectors may have that play a role in your remodeling.

#4: Going Efficient

Many people are looking for ways to upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms to be more eco-friendly. You may want to do your part in keeping your home as efficient as possible. It also helps that these solutions can help save you money. Clue your plumbing company into these goals. They can offer a variety of solutions and ideas to help you along the way.

For example, you may want to install more efficient faucets in your kitchen and bathroom. These use less water but still provide enough pressure to keep you happy in the shower. There are various low-flow solutions like this. Don’t forget the toilets, too. New designers are much more energy-efficient, which means less water is being used, and you’re saving money in the process. You may want to talk to your plumbing company about other types of energy-efficient upgrades, such as tankless water heaters. These can work in both the kitchen and bathroom to keep your family happy with hot water but reduce the need to have a large tank that is being heated and reheated all day long.

#5: Appliance Placement and Management

Before you complete the final layout for your kitchen or bathroom, be sure to speak to your plumbing company about the appliances throughout these spaces. For example, if you are planning to install a new refrigerator or dishwasher, plan to have a professional plumbing company run the water lines to them. This helps minimize risks and leaks later on.

Also, have your plumber handle the installation of sinks, tubs, and showers. These are bigger projects. If the plumbing is not done well, for example, behind the walls to your bathroom’s shower, the problems will escalate quickly later on. Your plumber can guarantee the work is done well, allowing you to close up these walls with confidence.

If you are installing new fixtures, talk to your plumber about any types of gas or water lines for them. This includes drains. You want to ensure everything lines up in terms of size and spacing. And your plumber can often give you information on how to buy the best systems and appliances for your home. Don’t make decisions without talking to a plumbing company that understands your needs and lifestyle, as well as the layout of your spaces. Your plumber is your go-to professional to speak to before and during your kitchen and bathroom remodel.

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