The Lay of the Land: How Your Yard Affects Your Plumbing

The Lay of the Land: How Your Yard Affects Your Plumbing

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Considering that a large number of your home’s pipes exist underground, it’s just as important to care for the outside of your property as it is to tend to the inside of your house. The landscaping of your yard has a direct effect on your plumbing. Without prior knowledge of where your existing pipes lay, you can make the mistake of digging where you shouldn’t or planting trees where roots can grow into pipes. If avoiding clogs, blockages, and breaks is your objective, you’ll want to work with a plumbing company to get a feel of the lay of the land.

Why You Need to Know Where Your Pipes Are Before Digging or Planting

The average person knows little about plumbing. That’s why they hire a professional to handle their service requests. They know that having a plumbing company come to their property to mark where the pipes are helps them avoid a potential disaster. It’s something that needs you to address it before putting a shovel into the ground.

Here are some of the ways your yard affects your plumbing:

  • The Sewage System Runs Underground and Can Affect the Entire Water System. If there is a backup of sewage present outdoors, it’s imperative that you call an emergency plumbing company. Plumbing services are unavoidable because until the plumber resolves the problem, it continues to pose health concerns for anyone who would come into contact with that area of the yard. Children and pets that play outdoors are the most susceptible to the dangers of raw sewage. Taking care of the issue just as soon as you discover it is something we highly recommend. It prevents your water from becoming contaminated.
  • Tree Roots Often Grow in Pipes and Cause Blockages. Where you have trees planted on the property makes a world of difference in how your plumbing system operates. If located too close to the underground pipes in the yard, the roots can grow inside and cause a blockage. Without anywhere to go, water pressure builds in the pipes and causes them to burst. You may also notice water backing up in the sink, toilet, or tub. Being mindful not to plant new trees in areas where pipes exist helps you avoid big plumbing issues in the future. It’s something that you want to take the time to learn more about before it becomes problematic.
  • Standing Water Near a Pool Can Indicate Problems. Plumbing problems occur in pools. If you see standing water, it can indicate an issue with the plumbing system or the pool itself. It’s time to contact a plumbing service provider to ensure that flooding doesn’t occur. You’ll lose a great deal of soil due to erosion if the ground is too wet. You want to make sure it’s safe for everyone to step outdoors and spend time in the pool, too. Hiring a plumbing company is a wise move as it helps you get to the root of the problem, so it doesn’t have a chance to increase in size or cost.
  • Water Can Freeze in Hoses During Cold Temperatures. If you don’t detach hoses from the faucets leading out of your home, the water inside them can freeze and cause the pipe to burst. It’s always important to remove the hoses before the cold weather sets in and store them in a safe location such as a garage or shed. It protects the rubber from cracking and keeps you from needing to replace the hose prematurely.
  • A Small Sprinkler System Leak Can Lead to Costly Repairs. You may not discover an issue with the system until it’s caused significant damage. A small leak can cost you grand sums of money. Discontinuing the use of a faulty sprinkler is something that we suggest until you can get a plumbing company to take a look at the sprinkling system. It could be a small repair that could prevent soil loss and damage to the foundation of your house. Any time there is standing water present, it’s essential to have a professional take a look at the sprinkler system to determine the source of the problem.
  • Not Winterizing Faucets Makes Water Pipes Freeze. Outdoor faucets fall victim to harsh winter conditions. If you don’t take precautionary measures to protect them, they can become big threats to your savings. Frozen pipes burst and waste water. If you’ve seen a surge in the cost of your monthly water bill, check to make sure that it isn’t the faucets causing the issue. If you see visible damage or standing water near the source, contact a plumbing company immediately. It can keep you from further wasting water.

The way that the plumbing company buried your pipes in the ground is a consideration to make when planting hedges, bushes, gardens, and trees. That way, you don’t risk damaging your pipes and needing a costly repair done by a plumbing company. You can avoid needing to have a professional dig up the existing system of pipes to repair or replace them. Consulting the plumbing company before building retaining walls, tilling the soil, or putting in a pool is something we highly recommend because it saves you time, money, and the headache of needing emergency plumbing services.

Work with a Plumbing Company to Determine the Ideal Setup for Your Landscaping

Hire a plumbing company that knows the lay of the land. Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain with your service request. How you have your yard landscaped can make a difference in how well your plumbing system works. Learn more about the dos and don’ts of laying out your yard by calling us for more information and suggestions. We’re here to help you take excellent care of your pipes and drains.

You can have a beautiful lawn without disrupting the plumbing existing underground. All you need to do is communicate your needs with us to help you avoid a potential digging disaster. By making us a partner in the landscaping process, you’re able to achieve everything you set out to do to beautify your property. Your buried pipes go undisturbed, meaning that the plumbing inside your home does, too.

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