Time for an Upgrade: What to Look for in a Kitchen Upgrade

Time for an Upgrade: What to Look for in a Kitchen Upgrade

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There may be few things more exciting than upgrading or renovating your kitchen. Whether you’re turning a drab, dreary galley kitchen into a bright space or expanding your existing kitchen into a gourmet chef’s kitchen perfect for entertaining, renovating your kitchen can be fun and exciting. However, without proper planning, you might end up over your head!

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering a kitchen upgrade, including having your local bluefrog Plumbing + Drain complete any necessary plumbing re-routing and any changes to the water lines in the space. Using an experienced plumber will reduce the need for a plumbing repair service down the line, in case there were improperly completed changes.

Signs You Need a Kitchen Upgrade

Sometimes it’s pretty clear that your kitchen is a “before” waiting for the “after.” Other signs that your kitchen needs attention may not be so clear.

Poor Layout or Lack of Storage

A functional kitchen isn’t just one with a stove and a sink. The layout of your kitchen can make the difference between being able to efficiently prepare a meal – even a holiday feast – or repeated frustration moving from one end of the kitchen to the other. You prepare at least one meal a day in your kitchen – sometimes three – and it’s one of the most-often used rooms in the home. Having a good “flow” and a logical progression, especially in the important “Triangle Zone” – a setup of the stove, refrigerator, and sink. A good designer can help you take advantage of every square foot in your kitchen. Plus, a plumbing repair service can help if you want to move your sink from one part of the kitchen to another one that makes more sense and makes preparing meals and washing up a breeze.

Even larger kitchens can suffer from a bad layout or may be designed with an eye for looks, instead of functionality. However, a bad layout for a small kitchen can render it almost unusable. Another thing to consider about kitchen upgrades is the availability of storage. If your cabinets are stuffed full of lids, dishes, pots, and pans, or if you’re storing too many items on the countertops because you’ve run out of space, consider changing the footprint of the kitchen, plus finding creative spaces for more cabinets and storage,

A Closed Off Space

Open floor plans can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home, making small places seem larger and even adding value to your market price. You don’t necessarily need to open up the entire space, but a “connected” kitchen, one that allows those cooking or cleaning to participate with company in an adjoining family room, is becoming more and more popular. Bear in mind when opening up the space that removing walls or doors needs the advice of a professional, to ensure that nothing that is load-bearing is removed. Plus, your plumbing repair service can help if you need to install a sink faucet with a lower profile to allow you to see over a counter, for example, when opening up the walls.

Damage to the Cabinetry or Appliances

Obviously, a damaged kitchen, or one that’s overly dated, is one that needs some TLC. New cabinets can change the look and feel of the kitchen and even reduce the stress you feel using them! But, while a broken cabinet may be an annoyance or a detraction from the value of your home, it’s broken or damaged appliances, or outdated plumbing (even if you’ve kept in decent repair using a plumbing repair service) that really indicates that your kitchen needs a fast remodel.

There are some cabinet styles that can withstand the test of time and others that only need a bit of TLC every few years to look great in a kitchen. But there are still others that are either complete eyesores (we’re looking at you, laminate-front 80s cabinets) or made of such horrible materials that they’re not worth saving. Old appliances, or those that physically don’t fit in your kitchen, indicate that something needs to change. An older oven, for example, may actually be a hazard when being used! Other things that can improve your kitchen are your sink and dishwasher. Purchasing an energy-efficient appliance can reduce your power bills, and for many people, even gain them a tax break! You may also wish to replace your standard kitchen sink with a deeper one, making it easier to wash dishes or fill larger pots for pasta.

Mold and Mildew

Obviously, a kitchen and appliances with mild or mildew need to be replaced, especially if there is black mold growth, which may be toxic. You may be able to see the mold on the walls or floors of your kitchen or inside your appliances, but there are other places that it can be lurking. One of the things that a plumbing repair service may be able to do for you is incident for “hidden” mild or mildew – and give you recommendations for solutions. Often, by the time you can smell the mild yourself, it’s time to rip everything out and start over again.

Your Pipes Are Old, Or Leak Often

Leaking pipes can damage your cabinets, walls, and flooring. One reason (or a great excuse) to get your kitchen and remodel it is to have new pipes placed – replacing older metal pipes with sturdier PVC ones that can withstand heavier use and last for decades. Your local bluefrog Plumbing + Drain plumbing repair service can help you determine the best kinds of pipes for your needs.

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