What To Do If Your Water Pressure Is Low

What To Do If Your Water Pressure Is Low

There’s nothing more disappointing than turning on your shower and realizing that the pressure has dropped to pitiful levels. Low water does more than complicate your time in the shower or make washing dishes more difficult; it can signal issues with your pipes that, if not addressed, can lead to larger issues down the line.

Leaks: Not only can leaky pipes have a nasty effect on your wallet, they can also cause your water pressure to drop to new lows. The best way to confirm that you have a leak is to turn off all of the taps inside and outside of your house and note your water meter readings. After waiting a few hours, go back to your meter and see if it’s changed from your first reading. If it notes that your water usage has continued to increase, it’s time to call in a plumber to repair your leaky pipes.

Corrosion Buildup: Even though most new pipes are intended to last for almost two decades, corrosion can naturally build up over the years and create blockages that inhibit the flow of water. Unfortunately, this may require you to replace your plumbing system, which can end up taking an extended period of time.

Buildup of Minerals and Debris: Water main fractures can lead to various pollutants, dirt, and sand entering your pipes, which can dramatically drop your home’s water pressure. Even if the water main remains in perfect working order, mineral buildups left behind as the water courses through your plumbing can create a blockage over time. Often times, this issue can be corrected with plumbing chemicals that break down the deposits and allow them to be flushed away.

Municipal Water Supply Issues: Your home’s pipes aren’t the only system that can be affected by plumbing issues. In order to determine if the issue isn’t coming
from your end, you can call your local water supply company to ask if the issue is in their systems, and how long the repairs will take.

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