What to Look for: When Buying a Garbage Disposal

What to Look for: When Buying a Garbage Disposal

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A garbage disposal makes kitchen clean-up fast and easy. It provides a high-powered way to dispose of food scraps that make their way into the sink. If your home doesn’t have a garbage disposal, but you’d like to add one, you’re in luck. The right plumber in the area can help you install the device once you have settled on the make and model you want to buy.

Garbage Disposal Buying 101

When purchasing any household item, it pays to do your homework. Researching the different brands of disposals available ensures you get what you paid for in terms of use. If you purchase an inexpensive brand hoping to save money, you may find that it breaks down frequently and requires expensive repairs from a plumber. Purchasing a higher-priced, well-reviewed item helps you avoid such an issue and gives you greater peace of mind.

Here are the things you need to look for when buying a garbage disposal:

  • The Size of the Motor. It determines the speed and power in which the disposal grinds objects. A larger motor ensures that you can dispose of tougher organic materials with ease. It does take more electricity to run a disposal with a larger motor, so keep that in mind. It may be a compromise that you want to make to dispose of items at the flip of a switch. You’re able to grind down garbage quicker, which means you won’t be using the electricity for long. The motor’s size also determines the amount of space that will get used under the sink. If you don’t have much room to work with, consider going with a smaller motor model that the plumber can easily install.
  • The Size of the Grinding Chamber. More food can flow down the chamber when it’s larger. You may want to invest in a bigger grinding chamber as a way of saving yourself time and effort. You won’t need to spend as long running the garbage disposal when it’s capable of grinding down larger amounts of food waste at once. The grinding chamber makes fast work out of pulverizing quantities of scraps effortlessly. This important feature keeps the plumber out of your home by ensuring that big pieces of food don’t become lodged in drains and pipes.
  • Sound baffles and anti-splash baffles are also things to consider. If you want a quieter disposal, you’ll want to make sure it has the appropriate number of sound baffles for its size of the motor. If you want to keep the sink as clean as possible, anti-splash baffles make it possible. When shopping for a garbage disposal, these are the questions to ask the salesperson and talk to a plumber about right away.
  • Corrosion Protection. The garbage disposal comes into contact with water frequently. You don’t want the blades on the grinder to become corroded. Learning what materials make up the garbage disposal is ideal because it helps you avoid buying a model that will eventually rust with time. If you don’t want to replace parts or the entire disposal prematurely, look for stainless steel that doesn’t corrode.
  • The Length of the Warranty. The promise made by the manufacturer is contractual and protects your investment. You want a warranty that lasts a long time. The longer it exists, the less likely you’ll pay out of pocket for repairs. When shopping for garbage disposals, ask about extended warranties, too. A company may offer you the option to purchase one on top of the manufacturer’s warranty initially offered.

You’ll also want to consider your current plumbing system. If your pipes clog frequently, it’s not ideal for you to have a disposal. You also want to make sure that there is plenty of room to accommodate the device under the sink. Garbage disposals come in various sizes, so you want yours to fit well in the space that you have available in the kitchen.

A garbage disposal is an investment that improves how well your kitchen functions. You can effectively deal with food waste in a way that is convenient for the entire household. Learning from a plumber what it takes to buy an excellent value of garbage disposal is ideal as it helps you get the most bang from your buck. You’ll have a device that is fully operational and long-lasting because of the decision you made to buy the best brand available within your budget.

Taking time to get to know the different manufacturers, brands, and models of garbage disposals help you finalize your purchasing decision. You buy with confidence, knowing that you made the right decision by choosing the device you did. The next step is to call a plumber to get the disposal installed. The professional will arrive at your home at your scheduled time and date to complete your request for you.

The installation process is straightforward and expedient. You’ll be able to use your garbage disposal without delay once the plumber confirms that it’s safe to do so. They’ll provide you with tips to keep clogs and blockages from occurring. That way, you don’t dull the blades or short out the motor on the device and cause it to need a repair.

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When you work with a plumber to have your garbage disposal installed, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied. You’ll experience the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism of a company that cares about you. Best of all, if you have issues with the disposal later on, you’ll know who to call. Keeping our phone number in your phone’s contact list is something we recommend because it makes it accessible.

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