When Should I Get a Camera Inspection Done for My Plumbing?

When Should I Get a Camera Inspection Done for My Plumbing?

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Are you facing a problem with your plumbing lines? When there is a plumbing emergency, getting help right away is critical. It can make a big difference in minimizing damage and loss for you. One of the tools that plumbers have that can help is a camera inspection. It provides an opportunity for your plumber to see what’s really going on before they have to do any type of work. This can save valuable time and money.

How Does a Camera Inspection Work?

When you have a plumbing emergency, most often, the problem lies deep in the lines, where it cannot be seen. In this case cameras can be used to see what’s really happening. These are high powered cameras that pick up on a lot of detail. They are placed on a long, thin tube that is fed through the lines to reach the blockage or area of concern. The plumbing team can see what’s happening on their screen. Because they are able to track the location of the camera at any point during the inspection, they can easily know where the problem is once they find it.

The entire process doesn’t take long – often less than an hour. Once this is done, the plumber can then advise on the best course of action for your plumbing emergency.

Consider the opposite of what may happen during a plumbing emergency. You may try removing various pipes, clearing them out, and then finding that there is still a blockage. In some cases, such as when the pipes are outside of the home, this type of service can save thousands of dollars by avoiding the need to dig up the pipes to find out where the problem lies.

What Are the Benefits of Camera Inspections?

Camera inspections offer a variety of benefits both during a plumbing emergency and as a type of prevention tool. Take a look at some of the best reasons to invest in these inspections.

  • They are fast. In a plumbing emergency, they tell the plumber what the problem is far faster than other methods, allowing them to perform the most effective solution sooner.
  • They are effective. Because of the high-resolution image on the camera, they can see what is deep within the underground sewer lines running from your home. This allows for your plumber to determine the exact problem early on.
  • They are inexpensive. Compared to digging out lines blindly, camera inspections like this can prove to be highly effective, giving plumbers more options for treating the problem.
  • They work well as a preventative tool. If you have had problems with your plumbing lines before, this is an easy way to keep an eye on them without having to invest in expensive cleaning processes.
  • They can prevent risks of a larger scale problem, such as issues with roots growing into lines. If there are small holes or cracks, camera inspections can monitor these areas to determine if they are worsening.

Your plumbing team can offer insight into whether or not a camera inspection is necessary. Generally speaking, it should be one of the first things your plumber does to determine what is really happening.

Are There Limitations to These Cameras?

While camera inspections can work well to spot areas of a problem during a plumbing emergency, they are not always the most effective option. There are some keys to using this service. A licensed and insured plumber will use these as a component of determining the problem. This, along with their experience and insight, can help to solve problems faster.

For example, plumbing inspection cameras like this can only find cracks and damage on the inside of the pipe. They cannot see anything on the outside. That means some types of leaks may not be easy to pinpoint. In addition, there are times when sewer cameras cannot go far enough. If there is a complete blockage at one point, the camera cannot get through to see what is happening on the other side.

What Can a Camera Inspection Do for You?

Aside from playing a role in plumbing emergencies, a camera inspection can do other things for your property as well. This includes:

  • They can help to locate plumbing lines. Because the cameras have a device on them that sends a signal, your plumber can use them to determine where the lines run above ground. This can help you with plumbing planning and construction efforts overall.
  • They can help find blockage. If there are areas where there is material blocking the line, which can lead to slower moving drains, these cameras can find that.
  • They can help spot cracks and leaks that are due to drainage concerns. They can help to ensure that these areas of problems are understood before repairs occur.
  • They can pinpoint and inspect not only straight lines but also sewer system connections. This can help to determine who may be responsible for the repair (you or your city, for example).
  • Camera inspections can also help to determine what type of pipe is present. Because of the camera technology, they can determine if you have PVC, cast iron, or other types of pipes running through your yard.

If a plumber recommends the use of a camera inspection, it is generally one of the first steps to take. It tends to be a financially beneficial decision, too. Choose a plumber that has the ability to complete these properly and with a high-resolution camera. You want to ensure that the images that you see are as clear as possible. This can influence the overall results you have in every situation. They can also help ensure your plumbing is always well maintained.

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