Why Get a Camera Inspection?

Why Get a Camera Inspection?

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Why Get a Camera Pipe Inspection? Knowledge Is Power for Estimates and Repairs

Plumbing technology provides ways for your drain cleaning service plumbers to understand what’s going on in your pipes. They can do this without taking walls apart, digging in your yard, and otherwise disrupting your life. Video is a common tool these days used for everything from checking tight spaces in machinery to exploring inside the human body. Plumbers use video when needed as part of the diagnostic process of our drain cleaning service.

How Plumbers Take a Look Your Plumbing These Days, From the Inside Out

Video inspection equipment provides visual information about your pipes by inserting a flexible rod with a high-definition camera into a pipe access point and exploring the walls and contents of the pipe. Several different technologies are used to identify the location of any issues found so that repairs can be precise. The length of the rod which has been inserted is one clue: for sewer lines and other long runs, an electronic signal from the camera probe can also be detected along the pipe to precisely locate the damage or clog.

Non-Destructive Tests Reveal Your Plumbing’s Condition

There’s a lot of information in a pipe video. Our drain cleaning service plumbers can see the overall health of your piping, notice clogs before they’re complete blockages, and examine the source of leaks or spots along the pipe that are rusted and breaking through. The camera inspection is especially helpful for our drain cleaning service because we can tell not only where and how big the clogs are, but what kind of material is plugging things up — hair, grease, or something else. Did somebody lose a ring? We can find those with a camera, too.

Monitoring the Progression of Long-Term Issues

A video camera inspection can allow plumbers and homeowners to discuss the urgency of the problem, helping you to plan financially. It can also establish a baseline, a record of the current situation that can help show whether issues are worsening over time. This is especially useful in monitoring the condition of a septic system and checking for the accumulation of problematic household items.

Home Inspections

A video camera plumbing inspection can be an essential part of a home inspection, especially for older homes or homes in developments where plumbing problems have been found to be common. Our video examination helps you catch a major sewer problem, multiple clogs in drains that would keep a drain cleaning service busy, rusted out pipes, even evidence that leads us to find improper drainpipe slope inside the walls or other construction and repair issues from the past.

Evidence in Hand

You can get a DVD of the inspection from your drain cleaning service and use it to identify specific plumbing repairs that are needed without actually having to dig. There may be root intrusion, pipe collapse, or a “belly” in the sewer line that could cost thousands for the new owner. If you have original construction information, you can discover if the original cast iron pipe has been replaced by PVC or other major maintenance history information.

Preparing for Additions or Remodeling

While the plumbing system, especially the waste system, may be adequate for current use, a video inspection can note any problems that would have shown up as issues when kitchen or bathroom work was completed and the system subjected to additional loads. You can remedy the limitations while work is underway and avoid repeated calls to the drain cleaning service once the new fixtures are in use. It’s also a good time to go ahead and do a full sewer inspection if the age of the mainline or any symptoms indicate that video might reveal issues.

Accurate Estimates

Even if the nature of the work to be done is known, such as a visible pipe leak, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about how much it will cost because additional problems may be discovered along the way. The leak may be the result of a clog raising pressure in the line, for instance. A drain cleaning service video camera inspection provides a way to define the problem clearly enough that an accurate estimate can be made. That helps the plumber save time, working on the issue with inside knowledge, and spending less time exploring to characterize the issue before getting to work.

Preparing for Epoxy Sewer Line Patching

There are some drain cleaning service procedures that basically can’t be done without a video inspection. One of these is the use of epoxy patching for sewer lines. It’s an effective way to address specific problems in the line using remote-controlled patch placement. Before the actual procedure is performed, a full-pipe-length video provides details about what in the line needs repair, and video review of the patches shows that they have been properly placed.

Leaks: Combining Video with Audio-Based Leak Technology

Plumbers have an amazing array of leak detection technologies at their command these days, along with the indispensable experience they use to focus their efforts where leaks are more likely. When using video, your plumber will also know what a possible leak looks like in and among the debris that has accumulated over years of use. Digital leak detection methods help pinpoint leaks in water pipes and sewer or drain lines using computerized sound analysis, allowing users to find leaks in the wall, under concrete slabs, and in the sewer mainline, and use video camera inspection to figure out what’s wrong at that location.

bluefrog Has Video Testing and the Experience to Use It Effectively for Many of Your Plumbing Problems

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we combine our drain cleaning service experience and the latest technology to give us an edge on your tough plumbing problems. When we outline the repair process for you, we can take you inside your pipes and show you what we intend to fix. Contact us today to get to work on your most puzzling plumbing challenges.

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