5 Common Misconceptions About Plumbers

5 Common Misconceptions About Plumbers

For many people, hiring a plumbing professional for the first time happens when they have some sort of emergency with the pipes in their home or business. This kind of rush can make it little tricky in deciding the best person for the job. Often you may choose the person who can who can make it out the fastest or someone who’s the least expensive.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions that surround the plumbing industry. Let’s break these down to help you uncover the truth behind these common myths to make your next plumbing service call less stressful.

#1: Plumbing Professionals Don’t Take Calls Seriously

Most professionals understand the urgency behind plumbing emergencies. A good plumbing company wants to see their clients happy and relieved of a stressful mess.  If a plumber can’t get to your job as quickly as you’d like, there’s almost certainly a good reason for it. Ideally, they’ll inform you of an estimated time of arrival and share if there are other jobs ahead of yours. They could be dealing with a large emergency at a different site. Either way, communication is key. You’ll know when you’ve found a great plumbing service by the way they manage your expectations and the quality of the customer service they provide.

Of course, plumbers appreciate new clients and they rely heavily on repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising. They are going to take steps to ensure that each person is happy with the service they receive. Part of this is the response time to each call. They’ll want to ensure that each call is serviced promptly and efficiently since their reputation is on the line.

When service calls are set ahead of time, the plumber will ensure they are at your home or business within the stated time frame. If something happens and they are delayed, they will contact you to relay that message and make arrangements that are most convenient.

#2: Plumbers Charge Random Amounts

Most companies have set pricing for basic jobs and services. If your plumbing situation is unusual, the service provider may rely on his experience to determine the best pricing for the job if its outside of the average. Not every job is the same, but there are pricing parameters set to ensure consistency for most jobs.

One thing that’s hard to control when it comes to pricing is the cost of supplies for repairs or replacement projects. Plumbing companies typically work with the same vendors and suppliers, but there are times that pricing changes at the manufacturer or supplier level which may impact the price for service for your plumber as well.

Almost all companies provide estimates to clients prior to starting a job. If there are any additional costs that apply a quality service provider will let you know in advance before they do the work to ensure there are no surprises and unexpected charges on the final bill.

#3: Plumbing Professionals Are Uneducated

In order to perform a job well, a plumbing professional has to rely on an array of skills. To name a few as examples – plumbers have to rely on technical skills to determine the best equipment and course of action for each independent job; critical thinking and problem-solving skills to uncover what’s causing the issue and then choose the appropriate resolution; and finally, customer service skills to manage expectations and keep clients informed and satisfied with the final outcome.

Licensed plumbing companies have to know the applicable codes for the work they do. These are complex and vary from one location to another. They have to be able to complete jobs within the scope of those codes or they risk losing their professional license. They are also required to continue education and training to keep up with the current trends and tools of the trade to perform their job up to the high standards of the profession.

#4: Plumbers Are Rude and Messy

While the plumbing service providers may be portrayed as sloppy, messy and rude in the movies and on television, this isn’t the case when you use a reputable and professional. Many plumbing companies have uniforms and require their workers to dress presentably when they visit a client’s home.

A lot of plumbers carry shoe covers to prevent making a mess on the floor of your home or business. They are also expected to clean up their mess before they leave your home.  Since this professional relies so heavily on referrals, they are invested in making a good lasting impression, so they’ll want to ensure the area is clean after the job is performed.

A professional will lead with quality customer service.  This means they should take the time to keep you informed by answering any questions you may have to help understand the scope and depth of each project.

#5: Plumbers Look for Things to do to Charge More

When you contact a plumbing professional for help with an issue, they must ensure that they are taking care of the underlying problem and not just giving you a temporary fix. Even though it might seem like they are trying to find things that can increase your bill when they discover something that’s more expensive, they are just trying to ensure that you don’t have another service call shortly for the same issue.

You can rest assured that when they find something additional that needs to be done, they have looked at all options and come up with the best option before they present it to you. If there is more than one option that can correct an issue, they’ll usually present each one to you so that you can make an informed decision.

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