Why Plumbing Matters to the Health of Your Home and Safety of Your Family

Why Plumbing Matters to the Health of Your Home and Safety of Your Family

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Why does hiring a plumber matter to you as a homeowner? While there are some instances in which a plumbing team works to fix problems – such as broken toilets or nonworking faucets – there are other times when these professionals are actually providing an important level of service that has to do with safety.

If you want your home to be safe from water and moisture problems, you need a licensed team of professionals to step in and provide a comprehensive level of plumbing support. There are various ways they can help keep your family and your home safe.

Plumbing, Moisture, and Mold

Perhaps the most important reason to turn to a plumber is because there is moisture present in your home. Moisture is one of the most worrisome elements possible in a home because, if it remains present or builds up over time, it can lead to mold growth. Mold is toxic in some forms, but in all cases, it creates the risk of respiratory illness and distress.

Mold is a problem, but many people just don’t recognize just how quickly and easily it can grow in a home. Consider, for example, a dripping pipe in the basement. You may not notice it right away. Over time, that drip causes saturation into the drywall surrounding it. Then is may cause damage to the flooring. Or absorb into the furnishings in the area. Even if it dries up on these surfaces, chances are that it will remain present an ongoing basis. This leads to the growth of bacteria and mold. It takes just 18 hours of moisture exposure for mold to grow.

When this happens behind the drywall or under flooring, and you cannot see it, it’s no surprise why it may create a big problem. Out of sight – out of mind. Even though you cannot see it, mold spores from this area can easily get into your ventilation system, and if it does, it can spread in a matter of minutes throughout the entire home. This creates a harmful situation for any property owner.

Plumbers help by finding the signs of moisture and getting rid of it to protect the health of you and your family. They are also working hand-in-hand with you to address any concerns that you may notice that could prevent future problems. By doing this, there’s:

  • The ability to minimize water damage
  • Spot mold that is already present
  • Prevent mold from growing

This is by far the most important reason to work with plumbers. They keep your home safe from harmful mold damage.

Managing Water Damage

While mold is the biggest concern for most property owners, there is also the risk of water damage. Water absorbs into many surfaces. As it does, it creates damage. A hidden problem behind a wall or in a ceiling can lead to damage of many types. If the structural wood in your home is constantly wet, that weakens the wood quickly.

Imagine, for example, the bathroom. If you have kids, you know that water ends up on the floor on a consistent basis. That water absorbs into the flooring, causing problems to the subfloor. This can weaken it, making it possible for that bathroom floor to cave in over time.

Plumbers can help to find these problems and fix them. Water prevention is one of the most important services that your plumber can provide to you. They are tasked with helping to ensure your home remains as waterproof as possible. Staying vigilant about keeping your home free of water damage is critical.

Managing Your Home’s Value

One of the hidden ways that plumbers can help you is by protecting your home’s value. No matter if you plan to sell your home or not, you want to maintain its value. With the help of a plumber, you can do so more readily. Here are a few examples of how they can help you in this way:

  • Water damage in your home makes your home risky and more likely to suffer structural damage. It makes it a safety hazard, reducing its value.
  • Water leaks create risks that other people do not want to deal with, and this, also reduces your home’s value.
  • Plumbing pipes that are not properly to code can create risks for home inspections down the road.
  • Old plumbing problems, such as drains that are in the basement or nonworking fixtures, create risks that lower home value.
  • In remodeling projects, having a plumber to help you determine the options based on where water lines and drains are is essential.

If you plan to remodel your home, sell it, or even refinance it, plumbing is a key component of the process. If you cannot show that your home is safe and that your plumbing systems are in good shape, that can cost you money over the long term. It depreciates your home’s value because it costs so much to repair.

What Can a Plumber Do for You Today?

Working with a plumber is one of the best steps to take to boost your home’s value.. For example, they can help you reconfigure your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area to get more out of your home. They can help you  establish new water lines for the pool or that hot tub you may be considering. They can also help you with moisture control, improving just how comfortable your home is overall.

Take a minute to walk around your home. What areas of damage exist that need attention? Are there leaks that could be exposing your family to any possible risk? Does the toilet overflow, creating a risk for sanitary conditions?  Calling a plumbing service for an inspection provides a peace of mind.

Hiring a Plumbing Service Can Help

Working with a plumber you can trust helps ensure that your home remains structurally sound, and your family remains healthy. It’s easy to overlook small problems that create bigger concerns. We take pride in serving our clients and help prevent a bigger mess or added stress.

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