Learning Your Local Plumbing Code

Learning Your Local Plumbing Code

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If you plan a home renovation, don’t forget to educate yourself on the process needed to make plumbing changes. This overlooked area can cost you money and time. Avoid fines and work stoppages by hiring a plumber who is licensed, insured and knowledgeable about the local plumbing code. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we only hire the best local plumbers familiar with local regulations and who know their way around city hall.

Plumbing codes vary from state to state and city to city. These rules impact every aspect of your home plumbing system from the size of the pipes to the types of faucets you can use. So, before you buy fancy fixtures and plan a complete upgrade, make sure that your renovation will pass inspection.

Way to Learn About Your Local Plumbing Codes

Ultimately, you should hire a plumber who is familiar with these codes so that you can pass inspections and keep your plans on time and budget. However, many homeowners want to understand what they’re getting into before starting new projects.

Here are several ways you can learn about the local plumbing codes impacting your plumbing replacement, repair or renovation projects:

  • Visit your town hall. Go to the offices that pull permits to obtain a list of local codes. Some towns have stringent requirements that exceed state expectations. That’s why it’s always important to consult the codes before you assume your plans are acceptable.
  • Go online to your state or local government page. New codes and federal recommendations often appear on these pages. You can also purchase codebooks online so that you can educate yourself on the rules that apply to you.
  • The local library is an excellent resource to investigate building codes in your state. The librarian can direct you to the relevant section and may be able to help you pull up the books that applied to your area.
  • Ask a local plumber. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain consists of local plumbers who are licensed and insured to practice in your area. They are familiar with local codes and must stay up-to-date to retain their licenses. We also ensure that our plumbers communicate technical terms clearly so that our customers can understand the risks associated with ignoring local codes.

Why Homeowners Should Know About Local Codes

Your plumbing is one of the most complex systems in your home. It’s important to understand how to prevent unhealthy conditions that can impact your family and threaten the integrity of your home. Hire licensed plumbers to ensure that you are home renovation follows local codes and helps you avoid delays and fines.

For example, if you are planning to update your bathroom or kitchen, ask your plumbing technician to give you a rundown of local plumbing codes. Understanding local codes helps you remain compliant for current and future home improvement projects. It’s also important to ensure that the plumbing company you hire pulls all the necessary permits to keep local officials apprised of your renovations and to ensure that they meet local plumbing standards.

Common Plumbing Codes Your Plumber Should Know

Plumbing codes often focus on venting gases from your drainpipes. Improperly vented pipes flow sluggishly and can cause fumes to permeate your home. This impacts your indoor air quality and can affect your family’s health negatively.

Fixture Installation

Licensed plumbing technicians know that fixtures must be installed with a certain distance between them. This is critical in small spaces such as bathrooms where space is an issue. By hiring a reputable plumbing professional company, you can ensure that your renovation includes the appropriate vents and drains to meet local plumbing codes.

Water Pressure

You need adequate water pressure to safely operate dishwashers, showers and other appliances in your home. When water pressure is low, you may need to install a booster pump, and when water pressure is too high, you may need a valve to release the pressure. If you are new to the area, you may not be aware of the unique qualities of local plumbing. That’s why it’s important to partner with our knowledgeable, courteous technicians to ensure that your home plumbing system operates efficiently and safely.

Local codes ensure that new plumbing installation won’t weaken the structure of your home or overwhelmed local wastewater resources. Inspectors often require that contractors reinforce joints and accommodate local regulations in other ways. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we understand these and other plumbing code requirements. Contact us to ensure that your bathroom or kitchen renovation meets local standards.

Sloping Drainpipes

Drainpipes have to slope 1/4 inch according to most local plumbing codes. Vents may also need to slope 1/8 of an inch per put foot in some areas, while other local codes allow flat vents. Hire our plumbing contracts to ensure that you understand and comply with your town’s rules.

Use Purple Primer

When contractors glue pipes together, they have to be primed or they will leak. Some plumbing codes require verification that you use a primer. Plumbing technicians often use a purple primer to allow the inspector to quickly verify this requirement.

Install Cleanouts

If you live in an older home, you may not have a cleanout installed in your plumbing system. That’s OK if you don’t plan to make any changes. However, the moment you plan a renovation, you will need to comply with updated plumbing codes.

Cleanouts provide access points along your plumbing system that make it easy to auger the pipes in the case of a clogged. Our plumbing technicians place a cap over the access points so they will be easily accessible in case of future maintenance.

Hire a plumber who fully understands the local and state codes affecting your home. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we provide free job estimates and appointment times that work around your schedule. Contact us first for licensed plumbers who can help you understand local codes and other issues impacting your plumbing project.

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