Preparing Your Home Plumbing for Renovation

Preparing Your Home Plumbing for Renovation

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Home renovations can be both exciting and harrowing. If you plan to redo a kitchen, bathroom or basement, you will need the help of a licensed plumber to bring your plans to life. It’s great to see a project that you worked hard for progress nicely. You probably put a lot of effort into choosing the right colors and appliances, fixtures and faucets and other details for your renovation.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain hires only experienced technicians familiar with major brands you can depend on. We can help you plan for plumbing changes in installations associated with your renovation.

Choose a Plumber Who Meets Your Home Renovation Needs

No matter how well you plan, issues can crop up during a home renovation. You need a technician who can roll with the punches and get the job done whatever happens. However, it’s a good idea to prepare for your plumbing the same way you do the rest of the work. That way, you will have more warning if something unexpected occurs, such as the need for new pipes or electrical work related to plumbing.

Our technicians put together the following tips to help your project go smoothly.

Determine the Plumbing Layout

You need a licensed, insured plumber to work with your general contractor to ensure that floor plans and the placement of appliances take into account the current or new plumbing configuration. This can avoid expensive delays and replacement costs for cabinets or appliances installed before the plumbing.

At the same time, we understand that space is at a premium in today’s modern homes. Our technicians follow floor plans and give you a good idea of whether you need to change them to make the plumbing more accessible.

Let the Neighbors Know What’s Coming

You might want to let the neighbors know that construction workers, plumbers and electricians will be in and out while you complete the renovations. This isn’t a legal necessity but a form of courtesy. Ideally, maintain regular hours for construction, say between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Leave Room for a Contingency Plan

Before you begin work, create a budget. Pad your budget by 10 or 15% to cover unexpected costs. That way, when extra expenses arise, you don’t have to dip into savings or delay your renovation project. Creating a budget also allows you to account for all parts and labor so that you can keep track of expenses. Without a budget, homeowners tend to overspend on aesthetic changes well forgetting plumbing, which is a major component of their home.

Have a Plumber Verify Your Measurements

If you have an architect or general contractor draw plans for the renovation, have a licensed plumbing professional verify the measurements and placement of pipes and other infrastructure. The new systems and additions associated with the renovation need to merge seamlessly with existing plumbing. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we can review the plans for the renovation and raise red flags for any changes you may need to make prior to beginning work on your new kitchen or bathroom.

If you plan to build out your basement, there are many plumbing systems that come into play. Let us help you determine the best way to add or modify pipes and fixtures located in the basement.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Cutting corners on plumbing systems can end up haunting you later. Our plumbers can recommend affordable alternatives from reliable brands to stay within your budget. Remember that it doesn’t do much good to save now if you have to pay for repairs due to the failure of low-quality materials. You also want to get the best labor for your money. Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain can help you procure both.

Prepare for Emergencies

No matter how carefully you plan, it’s good to have a backup in case something goes amiss. If your home only has one bathroom, for instance, you might want to plan to stay with friends or at a nearby hotel so that your family can remain comfortable throughout the renovations. The decisions made before beginning a major project shape how smoothly the project goes.

Don’t let problems that you considered and dismissed during the planning phase blow your budget or schedule on a home renovation with plumbing changes. Our certified plumbers can inspect your existing system so that you know what you’re dealing with.

Choose a Reputable Plumbing Company

Do your research on the plumbing company you plan to use. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain has franchises all over the country. Compare that to a handyman or local contractor with little experience that you find on Craigslist. Every contractor has their own weaknesses and strengths. However, we carefully vet our staff to make sure they have the experience needed to serve our customers with the highest quality work.

When you approach your home renovation with a plumbing project, it’s important to keep in mind the overall goals that you have for your project. Don’t get carried away before the tasks you have budgeted for are completed. By focusing on your plans, you can stay on schedule and get the help you need from our licensed plumbing specialists. We can help make sure the infrastructure of your home supports the dreams you put down on paper.

Know the Local Codes

Unless you are a local code inspector, you may not fully understand local regulations that apply to your home renovation. That’s fine since that’s not your job. However, when hiring contractors and plumbers, make sure they have the appropriate license and certification as well as insurance before hiring them to work on your home.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain has licensed plumbers who understand the municipal codes in your area and can deal with local officials performing inspections of your plans and completed projects.

Contact us today for more information on our services or to hire a plumber for your home renovation.

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