Signs That Your Home Needs New Plumbing Fixtures

Signs That Your Home Needs New Plumbing Fixtures

Replacements of any kind in the home are not something homeowners typically look forward to, as they’re rarely expected and often come at inopportune times. Plumbing fixtures are usually easy to replace, but the task must often be resolved quickly to avoid the threat of water damage. Here are the signs that your home is in need of new plumbing fixtures.

The Plumbing Fixtures Lack Efficiency

When plumbing fixtures are considered inefficient, it’s typically due to their age. Efficiency, in terms of plumbing, refers to an appliance’s water usage. You would be amazed at how much water our everyday appliances wasted before the National Energy Policy Act was passed, mandating “low-flow” fixtures. These low-flow fixtures can include shower heads, toilets, and faucets that operate using half of the amount of water as before. If your bathroom hasn’t been updated in a while and you feel your water bill is higher than you’d like, your problems could be solved with the installation of water-efficient fixtures. You’ll also be doing your part to be more environmentally conscious.

Water Pressure Issues With Plumbing Fixtures

If your faucet or shower is lacking the water pressure it once had, it could indicate the need for replacement. Hard water and mineral deposits are often the culprits behind lowered water pressure, in addition to rust inside of the connected pipes that prevent water from passing through normally. Examine each fixture closely. With faucets, look underneath the spout at the mesh aerator screen. If it looks clogged, that could be the entire issue. Shower heads may simply need proper cleaning. If the issues go beyond these simple fixes, you will need to replace the fixtures.

The Physical Condition of the Plumbing Fixtures

If the physical condition of your plumbing fixtures is less than ideal, it’s time to install new ones. If they’re cracked, rusty, or hard to clean, they should be replaced. If the fixtures aren’t in the best condition now, they could be prone to leaks or even lead to large-scale plumbing issues down the road. These issues could cost you in big ways, so it’s better to stay ahead of anything major now!

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain Can Take Care of Your Plumbing Fixtures

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