What Is Hydro-Jetting: And Is It the Right Solution for My Home?

What Is Hydro-Jetting: And Is It the Right Solution for My Home?

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Sweep Out Your Pipes with Jets of High-Pressure Water

Hydro-jetting is, most of all, the answer to many of your worries about typical drain cleaning service. It’s not always the best choice for dealing with clogs, but since it’s chemical-free, cleans thoroughly instead of pushing clogs around, and is fairly easy to set up and complete, it’s worth considering. It’s a great option when your drains are circling…and circling…and making you worry about where the nasty stuff will go next. It can also take care of annoying, long-lasting drain problems quickly and thoroughly.

What Makes Your Drains Slow or No-Go?

Over time, build-up from grease, soap, hair, and food can accumulate in your pipes and restrict water flow to the sewer. Mineral build-up and objects which have been flushed or rinsed down the drain also gather and create clogs, further trapping grease, soap, and hair until the flow is very limited. Some problems happen over time; others, of course, happen suddenly. Either way, the lack of flow to your sewer system can limit water use throughout the house and increase the risk of unsanitary overflows.

Considering Your Drain Cleaning Options

If your drain cleaning service recommends hydro-jetting, the service providers should look at the risks and benefits of your particular situation to make sure it’s the best treatment for your home. Depending on the location and type of problem such as a localized toilet blockage or kitchen sink issue, methods such as plungers or snakes might be sufficient. For pipe wall buildup, either hydro-jetting or auger and rod clearing might be appropriate, depending on the circumstances. If the drain cleaning service you are considering has hydro-jetting equipment but limited experience, you might be taking an unnecessary risk by choosing that option.

Taking a Look Before You Choose

Some drain clogs are caused by tough situations that need special attention, like roots growing into the sewer pipe. If your drain cleaning service provider suspects that issues like roots are present, the first step may be to use a rod, auger or snake to clear the clog since it also will allow your plumber to detect obstructions like root growth. Video inspection can provide insight into obstructions and also allow plumbers to see any weaknesses in the pipe structure which might be worsened by the pressure of hydro-jetting.

What Hydro-Jetting Is — and Isn’t

Hydro-jetting is like a power-wash of your pipe, using high-pressure water to clear obstructions including some root intrusions. While it is fairly quick and simple, it may involve the plumber creating a “cleanout” to provide more direct access to your pipe clog. Since it applies pressure to the pipe walls in addition to the clog, hydro-jetting isn’t for weak or rusted pipes that aren’t able to withstand the pressure.

Applications of Hydro-Jetting

The high pressure and large flow rate of hydro-jetting can clear grease, hair, sanitary products, food, mineral build-up, and even some tree roots, pushing them down the pipe and into the main sewer. The high-pressure water of this drain cleaning service can be used instead of a plunger for high-performance results or inserted further down the line for difficult obstructions. Hydro-jetting doesn’t need to be used only against serious blockages. If you have acquired a home with slow-moving plumbing, clearing out the pipes may be just the ticket to improve your daily life. Once the flow is better, you can eliminate restrictions on shower and toilet use, install a dishwasher, or add a separate bathroom for the kids.

Advantages Over Other Methods

Thorough cleaning with pressurized water can restore the full flow of pipes which had been producing problems throughout the house due to their reduced capacity. A drain cleaning service using mechanical methods such as “rodding” or augers can break through and restore good flow, but may not eliminate all of the constrictions in the pipe.

Risks of Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-jetting is best for solid, intact pipes which just need a good cleaning, though it can clear some root growth and other problems. Older homes and those with plenty of trees and other root growth in the yard may need more traditional methods of drain cleaning service. Risks include further damage to pipes or infiltration of rocks and soil. If the homeowner has used chemicals in the pipe, hydro-jetting may not be an option. The most important requirement for successful hydro-jetting is that you have a plumber experienced in its use.

Getting the Job Done Quickly

This is where hydro-jetting excels: it’s a powerful new method for cleaning out pipe blockages which works quickly and very effectively. When your home is at risk because of blockages and sink or toilet overflow, we can get to work quickly and blast the problem before too much cleanup is needed. In addition, if your plumbing is backed up and you need it fixed right away for your family, guests or a special event, we’ve got the tools and experience to take care of it promptly.

Getting the Job Done

Some homeowners may be most familiar with partial plumbing fixes using do-it-yourself remedies such as plungers or traditional methods such as “rodding” which provide a partial solution. If you’re used to hearing family members shouting to each other “where’s the plunger?” or “it’s backing up again!” hydro-jetting may be the right fix under the care of a professional.

Odds of a Return Visit

With traditional drain cleaning service, homeowners can experience repeated problems and cleanups in the house as the blockage returns over time. Hydro-Jetting doesn’t just break through drain clogs and leave material lodged in the pipe, but cleans the pipes so that it’s more difficult for the material buildup to return. Every job is different, so it’s best to consult with a professional to help advise the best course of action.

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